[ME2DAY] 130221 - Baekho's update

어느새 뒤에 있던 쩨알!!! 셀카는 나만의 것이라고!! ㅋㅋ 이제쫌있음 엠카시작!! 응원듣고 오늘도 힐링힐링해야징^^ 뿅♥
Trans by thenuest : I didn't know JR was behind me!!! The selca is mine only!! ㅋㅋ Now, MCountdown is starting in a little bit!! I should healing healing after hearing the sound of cheering today^^ Bbyong ♥ 

[TWITTER] 130221 - @ChoiGoRen tweet

오늘와주신러브분들감사합니다. 너무춥죠?조심히들어가세요~ 오늘12위네요 내일은 뮤뱅사녹이에요^^ 옷따듯하게입고많이오세요^^! 다들 달릴준비되셨죠?

Trans by thenuest : Thank you to LOVEs who came today. It's very cold right? Go back safely~ We ranked 12th today and tomorrow, we have MuBank recording^^ Dress up warmly and come^^!
Everyone, are you ready to run?

[FANCAFE] 130221 - JR's love letter

오늘은 엠카운트다운방송이있었다
방송이끝난후 모니터중이었는데
저뱀이언제살아움직일지모르니 조심히 사진을찍었다.
그래서 나는 웃으며 사진을 찍을수 있었다.

Trans by thenuest : Today was M!Countdown broadcasting. After the broadcasting; when I'm in midst of monitoring a snake sat on my head. I don't know when would that snake move so I carefully took the photo. So I smiled and took the photo. 2013 February 21st
Today's diary ended.

[FANCAFE] 130221 - New layout !

[PICTURES] 130221 - NU'EST on M!Countdown

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