뉴이스트1st 미니앨범 "Action" 음원공개!!! (*)

trans by NUEST_intl  : NUEST 1 mini album "Action " CD are released ! (*)

[MELON] 120711 - Real Time keywords

Cr : Muse_MH0809

NU'EST is #2 and #7 ! 

[LYRICS] 120711 - Action

Cr : HyunEyes

[MELON] 120711 - Members's message

JR message : 

[CAPTURES] 120711 - Action MV

[TWITTER] Ren's tweet

[NU'EST_렌] 음원공개가얼마안남았어요^^!정말설레요ㅎㅎ 응원많이해주세요ㅎ투표계속유지시켜주실거죠^^♥
힘내서 컴백준비 더 열심히할께요!

Trans by thenuest : [NU'EST_Ren] Not much time left until album release^^! So excitedㅎㅎ Please support usㅎYou'll keep voting for us right^^♥
We'll cheer up and prepare harder for comeback!

[PICTURES] 120711 - Concept for Action

[MV] 120711 - Action

[TWITTER] 120710 - NU'EST NEWS tweet

오늘밤자정!!뉴이스트Action이 공개 됩니다!! 뉴이스트(NU'EST) 1st 앨범발매 기념!! 오늘 자정 멜론 사이트 및 공식 팬 카페에서 특별한 이벤트가 진행 됩니다~^^ 이따 자정에 만나요!! 멤버들의 피와 땀방울의 결실이 드디어 공개 됩니다!

trans by thenuest :At midnight!!NU'EST Action will be revealed!! To celebrate 뉴이스트(NU'EST) 1st Album Sale!! There'll be special event on Melon Site and Official fancafe at midnight~^^ See you at midnight!! The members fruitful blood and beads of sweat finally will be revealed!

[PREVIEW] 120710 - MinHyun at Idol Championship

Cr : staREN

[PREVIEW] 120710 - NU'EST at Idol Championship

Cr : HaeTsz

[PICTURES] 120710 - NU'EST for Newsen

[PICTURE] 120710 - MTV KPOP20 With Minhyun & Ren

 cr : SBS MTV KPOP 20

This week the MCs are Minhyun & Ren

[PICTURES] 120710 - NU'EST with VIXX at Idol Championship

Cr : RealVIXX