[FANCAMS] 121026 - NU'EST at the Showkase in Singapor

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[PICTURES] 121025 - Aron at Incheon Airport

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[FACEBOOK] NU'EST during the Showkase

뉴이스트는 지금 싱가폴 프로모션 인터뷰 중 입니다^0^!

[TWITTER] 121026 - Ren's tweet

안녕하세요~뉴이스트 렌입니다 러브들잘지내고계시죠? 아픈데는요?밥은? 벌써보고싶어지네..ㅜ 저는이제싱가폴공연준비하고무대로리허설갑니다ㅎㅎ 우리빨리뵈요ㅎㅎ그때 까디 아쁘디말궁ㅃㅃ

Trans by thenuest : Hello~This is NU'EST Ren. Everyone are doing well right? How about your health? Have you eaten? I miss you already..ㅜ I'm preparing for Singapore showcase now, and going up onstage for rehearsalㅎㅎ See you soonㅎㅎUntil that time, dont be sick bye bye

[PREVIEWS] 121026 - NU'EST at Singapore Changi Airport

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[PREVIEWS] 121026 - NU'EST at the ShowKase

Ambassador ticket 
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[PREVIEWS] 121026 - NU'EST in front of their Hotel

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