[TWITTER] 121119 - Compilations of @SBSMVTKPOP20 with NU'EST

@SBSMTVKPOP20 : 지난주 케이팝 20의 MC 민현&렌의 깜찍한 모습입니다~ 상큼상큼 하죠? ^^ (사진이 세로로 잘 보이나요? ㅠㅠ)
Trans by nuestrans : This is last week's MCs Minhyun and Ren's cute side~ Refreshing, isn't it? ^^ (Can you see the picture well with that height? ㅠㅠ)

@SBSMTVKPOP20 :  다시 올립니다! 사진 크기를 좀 줄였더니 업로드 되네요 :) 우리 교회 오빠 이미지의 반듯반듯한 민현이♥
Trans by nuestrans : Uploading it again! Reduced the size of the picture so it could be uploaded :) Leveled Minhyunnie's "our oppa from church" image ♥

[TWITTER] 121119 - Compilations of @ChoiGoRen (Ren)'s tweets

@ChoiGoRen : 렌은러브꺼?JR이꺼?

Trans by thenuest : @ChoiGoRen: Are L.O.ㅅ.Es own Ren?or JR does?