[TWITTER] 121225 - @ChoiGoRen update

Trans by thenuest : In midst of chatting now

[FANCAFE] 121224 - NU'EST's Greetings for Christmas !

[CAPTURES] 121224 - Seventeen/NU'EST on Seventeen TV

Cr : NU'EST International

[FACEBOOK] 121224 - Aron's greetings for Christmas

hey everyone! it's ARON here~ tomorrow is Christmas! I just wanted to sincerely thank all our fans for their continued love and support... it's been such an amazing journey so far! we can't believe that we have so many people who support us all over the world... you guys are definitely our inspiration to keep going on and do better! have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Years! love you all♥

안녕하세요. ARON 입니다. 내일이 크리스마스에요! 와우!! 
여러분들의 사랑과 응원 언제나 고맙게 생각하고 있어요. 
이렇게 전세계의 분들이 응원 해주신다는 게 믿기지가 않아요. 이런 응원이 더 더욱 저희를 열심히 할 수 있게 한답니다. 메리 크리스마스!! 새해 복 많이 받으시고 사랑해요♥