[PICTURES] 120712 - Baekho at Mnet CountDown

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[PICTURES] 120712 - Comeback Stage at Mnet M!CountDown

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[FANCAFE] 120712 - Update

Trans by NuestSG : "Finally!! NU'EST who have made their comeback! There were a lot of L.O.V.Es who come (to support us at M!CountDown) but there were also many who were not able to go in (to the live show venue) Thus this is the member's small way of returning our gratitude. Tomorrow will be pre-recording! All our fans will be able to go in, so will a lot of you come ? 2o'clock KBS lobby!! See you tomorrow ♥ love zzang" 

[VIDEO] 120712 - Baekho & Minhyun - HUG Ep 3

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[PREVIEW] 120712 - Baekho at M!CountDown

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드디어!!!컴백한 울뉴이스트!러브들많이와주셨는데입장많이못해서ㅜㅜ 멤버들사진으로 조금 이나마 보답을ㅜ내일은 사전녹화라는사실!모든팬분들입장가능해요많이오실꺼죠? 2시kbs공개홀입니다!!내일뵈요♥러브짱!! 

trans by thenuest : Finally!!! Our NU'EST who made a comeback! a lot L.O.V.Es came but couldn't enter 
We'll repay with Members' photoㅜThere'll be a recording tomorrow! All fans can enter, You'll come, right?
On KBS Hall at 2PM!!See you tomorrow♥L.O.V.E Jjang!! 


선생님감사합니다!!!!!RT @VASCO187: 오늘 뉴이스트1st미니앨범Action이발매!!! 무한으로 들어주세요!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ2012Hot신인뉴이스트!!! 화이팅!!!

trans by thenuest : Thank you, Teacher!!!!! RT @VASCO187 : NU'EST 1st Mini AlbumAction released today!! Please listen to it non-stop!! 2012Hot Rookie NU'EST !!! Hwaiting!!! 

[PERF] 120712 - Comeback Stage at M!CountDown

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[PICTURE] 120712 - NU'EST's ballon

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[CAPTURE] 120712 - NU'EST won 'The Best Debut' on SeoulBeat

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[PICTURE] 120712 - M!CountDown : Backstage

Trans by thenuest : NU'EST who's freshly back with new song, welcome!!! You can check how fresh and cool they are ... today at 6PM right ? Then .. Let's we all watch the Live!! 

[VIDEO] 120712 - NU'EST the 1st FACE to FACE in Thailand

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[RANKING] NU'EST is #24 on MelOn at 7:45 AM

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