[PREVIEWS] 121025 - NU'EST at Incheon Airport

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[PICTURES] 121021 - JR at 3gether Party

[TWITTER] 121025 - Minhyun's tweet

[민현] 안녕하십니까! 뉴이스트 민현입니다!!!! 드디어!!!!! 저희가 싱가폴로 떠납니다~~~~ 싱가폴에서도 저희 뉴이스트의 파워를 보여드리고 오겠습니다!!! 쪼끔만 기달려주세요~금방갔다올께용♥

Trans by thenuest : [Minhyun] Hello! this is NU'EST Minhyun!!!! Finally!!!!! We're going to Singapore~~~~ We'll show up our NU'EST power in Singapore!!! Please wait for a little bit~We'll be back (to Korea) soon♥

[PICTURES] 121021 - BaekHo at 3gether Party

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