[TWITTER] 130216 - Compilations of @NUESTNEWS & @ChoiGoRen tweets

(민현) 추운데 고생 많았어요 직접 와주시는분들도 방송을 지켜보시는분들도 어디에있든 응원해주시는분들 덕분에 내일도 힘낼수 있을꺼같아요~화팅!
Trans by thenuest : (Minhyun) It's cold, you must have worn out.

I think we can cheer up tomorrow as well; thanks to those who personally come, those who
watch the broadcasting, and those who's cheering for us no matter where they are~ Hwaiting!

우리럽들잠안온다안온다하더니ㅋㄷㅋㄷ 지금쯤코하겟지ㅋㄷㅋㄷ
Trans by thenuest : Our LOVEs keep saying "I can't sleep"ㅋㄷㅋㄷ By now, you must be sleeping, right?ㅋㄷㅋㄷ

Trans by thenuest : See you tomorrow, LOVEs