[FANCAM] 120812 - NU'EST at Suvarnnabhumi Airport

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[PICTURES] 120812 NU'EST at Suvarnabhumi Airport

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[FANCAM] 120811 - 'Not Over You' at the first FACE to FACE in Thailand

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[PREVIEW] 120812 - NU'EST at Suvarnabhumi Airport, back to Korea

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[FANACCOUNT] 120811 - The first FACE to FACE in Thailand by a French LOVE

The 4th best day in my life in Thailand :

I saw NU'EST *_* OMG ! They sang 'FACE, I'm Sorry and Not Over You' in live. Just amazing :3
We had to write our seating number and the MC took two of them : NU'EST's members gave a gift et hugged them. One by Baekho : he gave to her a plush one by JR : he gave to her a CD with his autograph.
After, there was a game, fans went on the stage and the members took one number per member (random) and they had to were behind them. The game: Two teams (Ren + Minhyun ; JR + Aron + Baekho) They had to draw and the more faster won. They said : Saranghae and 'I love you' in thai. JR said : I love You
Thai LOVEs made a video, everyone watched it then they wished a happy birthday to Baekho and Minhyun on stage !
At the end, the whole hall (approximately 1.000) could do a High Five with the members. I said "Hello" bu just Aron replied me xD They were very smiling et cute with their T-shirt 'I love Thailand'. LOVEs who had a yellow bracelet could take a picture with them.
I had a ink bracelet with my mother : I had an autograph ! I was in front of JR with my French flag. He looked at it and hold my hand ! (My mother hold Ren's hand !). They were very happy to see oversea fans, we were 5 : Two French and 3 English.
A music thaï channel interviewed me because they were shocked to see oversea fans at this fanmeeting !
I won't forget this day, I spoke with some thaï. It's was perfect because they are very welcoming !

We received some gifts by the organizer ! Thank you very much !

Before the fanmeeting :


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뉴이스트 (NU'EST) Not Over You MV OPEN!!! NUPAPA To be continue~~♥

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[MV] 120812 - Not Over You

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