[FANART] 120708 - NU'EST

[INFO] 120708 - Research on Twitter

NU'EST has been spotted trending #1 on Daum's Twitter Figures. (For the second teaser)


[FANART] 120708 - Baekho in water

cr : _W_younghee_

[FACEBOOK] 120708 - From Aron

 Hey everyone! This is Aron! (:
As many of you know, we had a movie event at Busan and Gangreung yesterday! 
We had a really great time spending time with you guys! I think it's such an awesome experience being able to spend time with you guys who've continually showed your love and dedication for us! :D
As you guys know, NU'EST will be making it's comeback on 7/11! We're preparing really hard for you guys and can't wait to meet all of you! (:<
Also, today we'll be releasing a 1 minute teaser as a special treat for you guys! We hope you enjoy! (:
Please continue to support NU'EST and Action (and Aron hehe)!
I love you all! ♥

- NU'EST Aron

[TWITTER] 120707 - JR's tweets

[뉴이스트_JR] 우리러브들 이랑 영화데이트 두번째장소 내고향 강릉을향해~~달려가고있어요!! 가던중 동해바다에서 한컷찍었어요ㅎ 좀만기달려ㅎ우리러브들 ~~~♥

Trans by thenuest : We're going to the 2nd place, my hometown for Movie date with our L.O.V.Es~~!! Took a picture at the east-sea on the wayㅎ Please wait for a whileㅎOur L.O.V.Es~~~♥

[NU'EST_JR] 저희다섯을위해 이런글써주시는 러브들이있어서 행복하고 힘이되요~♥RT @Cornseop: @NUESTNEWS 여러분 다섯분들, 계셔 주셔서 정말 감사드립니다. ^___^

Trans by thenuest : [NU'EST_JR] We're happy and become strong because L.O.V.Es that write a message like this exist~♥RT @/Cornseop: @NUESTNEWS I feel thankful because all 5 of you exist. ^___^

[CAPTURES] 120708 - Teaser 1 min

[VIDEO] 120708 - Teaser 1 min

    cr : pledisnuest

[VIDEO] 120708 - NU'EST comeback next week at Inkigayo

cr : simhy