[TWITTER] 130304 - Compilations of @NUESTNEWS tweets (JR)

[JR] Hello. Have you eaten? I'm worried about where you are and what you are doing....Well! Tell me where you are and what you are doing now! let me know! because I'm worried....

[JR] Why haven't you eaten yet! You should eat, quickly!, Shoot a video? wellㅎWe're in midst of shooting ,I'm thinking about LOVEs too,Ei, You said you're dreaming about me; how do you tweetㅎㅎ,When you lies around, you should turn around once.It's been a while since I ride a busㅠㅠ,Ooh~Learn english well fighting!, I miss you too!,you can call me Oppa,No,,noona..Give us a beef too!

[JR] Wink^.*!,You have to focus on your private lesson~, What do you watch on television now?, I love you too!!I already eatㅎㅎ,We're in break time, I'm trying to give replies,,it's uncontrolled, right?ㅋㅋ,Go to retreat safely, I'll hug you, come to me!,I ♥ you too, Dye my hair? To what colour?,You have to comeback early or!I'll scold you!

 [JR] Rather than dried persimmon, I like you moreㅎ, Wow Republic of Dominica!,You have to eat a meal too in your break time,Kangreung!!is niceㅋ,Project hwaiting!,Fansign event..I hope we can do it again, Why did you catch a cold, you make me upset..,I'm reading the message since we're on break timeㅋ,I don't have a selca bbuing bbuing(p^-^q),I'm looking forward for your cover dance!-Just until here for today!!

All translations by thenuest.