[TWITTER] 121231 - @NUESTNEW's update

[백호] 2012년 12월 31일 마지막날... 다들 누구랑 뭐할꺼에여? 우리 생각 너네 생각 똑같아~ ㅎㅎㅎ 우리 생각해요!!!!!!!
Trans By thenuest: [Baekho] December 31st 2012, the last day... Everyone, what are you going to do today? with who are you going to do it with? What we're thinking about are the same with what you think~ ㅎㅎㅎ Think about us!!!!!!


[ME2DAY] 121228 - Baekho's update

[TWITTER] 121228 - @nusoul91 (Kye Beom Joo)'supdate

이쁜 동생들 오늘까지 녹음 하느라 고생했어~ 컴백도 화이팅!! 마무리 잘 해보자!

Trans by thenuest : Pretty dongsaengs have been working hard for recording until today~ Hwaiting for comeback !! Let's wrap this up well!

[PICTURES] 121210 - NU'EST at K-POP LOVERS! LIVE (Japan)


[PICTURES] 120902 - JR at Suwon fansign

[VIDEO] 121225 - NU'EST cuts in Seventeen TV

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[FANCAFE] 121225 - JR's love letter

오늘은  우리대표님의 결혼식!ㅋㅋ  밥기다리다가. 애들한컷올려용!  오예 일번!

Trans by thenuest : Hihihi~ Today is our CEO's wedding ceremony!ㅋㅋ  When we were waiting for foods. The photo of the kids! Ohyeah i'm the 1st!

[PICTURES] 120902 - Aron at Suwon fansign

[TWITTER] 121225 - @ChoiGoRen update

Merry christmas L.O.Λ.E 쪽 (Chu)

[VIDEO] 121225 - Holiday Greeting from NU'EST!

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[TWITTER] 121225 - @ChoiGoRen update

Trans by thenuest : In midst of chatting now

[FANCAFE] 121224 - NU'EST's Greetings for Christmas !

[CAPTURES] 121224 - Seventeen/NU'EST on Seventeen TV

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[FACEBOOK] 121224 - Aron's greetings for Christmas

hey everyone! it's ARON here~ tomorrow is Christmas! I just wanted to sincerely thank all our fans for their continued love and support... it's been such an amazing journey so far! we can't believe that we have so many people who support us all over the world... you guys are definitely our inspiration to keep going on and do better! have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Years! love you all♥

안녕하세요. ARON 입니다. 내일이 크리스마스에요! 와우!! 
여러분들의 사랑과 응원 언제나 고맙게 생각하고 있어요. 
이렇게 전세계의 분들이 응원 해주신다는 게 믿기지가 않아요. 이런 응원이 더 더욱 저희를 열심히 할 수 있게 한답니다. 메리 크리스마스!! 새해 복 많이 받으시고 사랑해요♥


[INFO] 121222 - Smash Hit's (info + video)

There will be 2 different version. Version A contains CD + Taiwan product. Version B contains CD + DVD. NU'EST Smash Hit should be a repackaged album in Taiwan version. 
Actual release date would be on 25 Jan 2013. Website

[SCHEDULE] 121227 - 2012 Broadcasting Art Festival BAF

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[FANCAFE] 121221 - Love letter from JR : Thanks

Are you sick of this because I write too many love letter?? 
It’s okay~Because I never getting sick of writing ones ㅋㅋ 
Firstly thanks to our L.O.V.Es~ 
Don’t be sorry if we couldn’t receive rookie awards.
It’s okay because we have L.O.V.Es
I am the one who feel sorry.. 
NU’EST will do better. 
Cheer up more next year ~~ 
I love L.O.V.Es~~

Translation by thenuest, so take out with the full credit. Thanks


[INFO] 121219 - NU'EST ranks #14 on "Top 100 Popular K-Pop Groups" J-Chart this week


[VIDEO] 121219 - Making Of NU'EST's 2013 Calendar

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[PICTURES] 121210 Minhyun on K-POP LOVERS! LIVE

[PICTURES] 121210 Baekho on K-POP LOVERS! LIVE


[INFO] 121219 - @ChoiGoRen changed twice his display picture

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[INFO] 121219 - NU'EST in Teens magazine as their favourite gig of October month!

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[FACEBOOK] 121214 - NU'EST Malaysia Promotion

말레이시아 도착 후 진행된 현지 매체들과의 인터뷰

Interview with the local media after arriving in Malaysia


[PREVIEWS] 121214 - NU'EST during the press conference in Malaysia

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[FANACCOUNT] 121214 - Press Conference


They are all interested in acting! 
NU'EST wanted to visit klcc the most!! *


Aron said his favourite food is pig skin!!
Aron wants to act in a rom com! he even did a couple posed with Baekho!! 
Aron said he likes spring because he was born during that season and he grew up in LA
Aron said he was the smartest among them and all of them agreed!!
Aron was very fluent in English and was being a part time translator for the other members. 
Aron said he would act as a romantic guy (if he is an actor)


Ren thinks Malaysia is Love
Ren's favourite food is kimchi jjigae! :)
Ren wants to challenge Kim hyun joong's character in Boys over flowers keke


JR likes all sorts of food except for tomato!
JR wanted to act in an action movie!!


Baekho wants to act in action films too cause he's good in Kendo. He's been practicing it for 8 years!!!! 


Minhyun wanted to act as a student because he's still one!
Minhyun described Ren as a kwiyeomi ( cute boy) and Ren did buing buing 

CREDIT : Kavenyou


[PICTURES] 121214 - "Dashing Through The Snow on High Heels" jacket behind cut