[VIDEO] 130121 - NU'EST on 韓ラブ(han love) program (TV)

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민현이의 베스트컷을 찾아라!! 같은사진이 절대 아니라는 저엄!! 미묘하게 달라요~ 고민에 빠진 민현군을 위해 총 세장의 사진 중 베스트 사진을 골라주세요!

Trans by thenuest :  Find Minhyun's best cut!! These 3 are different pics!!
It's subtly different~ Choose one best photo out of three for Minhyun who's confused!


민현군의 베스트컷 의견이 나뉘어지네요. 그렇다면! "민현이의 베스트컷을 찾아라!!" 두번째 Ver. 자아~~이번에는 어때요? 쉽지만은 않을껄요~

Trans by thenuest : Various opinion of Minhyun's Best Cut. Then! "Find Minhyun's Best Cut!!" 2nd Ver. Now~~What do you think about this? It won't be easy~

3. 자아 다들 고르셨어요? 민현이가 고른 베스트컷도 곧 공개해드릴께요. "너희생각 우리생각 똑같아~" 신화 민우선배님의 말씀처럼 우리 생각 똑같길~~ 텔레파시 텔레파시!!! 받고있나요!!

Trans by thenuest : Now have you choose? We'll reveal Best Cut choosen by Minhyun in a moment. "What you think, What we think are the same~" We hope that what we think are the same just like Shinhwa Minwoo Senior word~~ telepathy telepathy !!! Did you receive it!!

4. [민현] 난 황미녀니까 세개 다 이쁨! ㅋㅋ

Trans by thenuest : [Minhyun] Because I'm Hwang Minyeo, all of it are pretty! ㅋㅋ

5. [민현] ㅋㅋ 연습하느라 잠을 못자서 제가 이래요 못난사진도 다 이쁘다 잘생겼다 해줘서 고맙습니다 역시 우리 러브들뿐인고다!! 참! 글보니 오늘생일이신분들있던데 17분 남았지만 추카추카츄!!

Trans by thenuest : [Minhyun] ㅋㅋ I'm being like this because I was practicing and couldn't sleep.
All ugly pictures are pretty as well. Thank you for telling me I'm good looking. Indeed, I only have L.O.ㅅ.Es!!
Well! There are people who's celebrating their birthday today. Even if only 17 minutes left, Happy birthday!!