[FANCAFE] 130106 - Love Letters from JR & Minhyun

From JR : 

1. 피시시시시식~.~

Trans by thenuest : Giggles~.~

2. LoㅅE

From Minhyun : 


오늘 쩨알이가 쓴 두개의 글을 본 결과....
러브들에게 할말이 없나봐요..1등은 하고싶겠지....그치만 내가 있단다^^
쪠알아 좀 더 분발하렴^^

Trans by thenuest : JR || The result of reading 2 messages that JR wrote today.... Seems like he doesn't know what to say to L.O.ㅅ.Es..He want to win this....But then, there's me^^
JR-ah, try harder^^

[FANCAFE] 130105 - Love Letters from Baekho


[FANCAFE] 130405 - Love Letters from Ren

다같이 작업중인데 
우리민현이가 보이길래 찍엇어요 크킄
뭘그리 열심히보고잇니 기요마ㅋㅋ

Translation by thenuest : Tall Minhyunnie keke|| We are in midst of doing work together.
I see our Minhyunnie so I took this 크킄
What are you looking at, cutieㅋㅋ