[VIDEO] 130117 - NU'EST SMASH HITS (Q&A) - Ren


[TWITTER] 130117 - @ChoiGoRen & @NUESTNEWS updates

@ChoiGoRen : 러브들 오늘너무감동받았구 고생많으셨어요^^ 우리뉴이스트이름으로연탄기부정말감사합니다. 러브들을위해 꼭멋진무대로보답하겠습니다. 이런기회가많았으면좋겠네요^^ 감기조심하시구 일찍들어가세요

Translation by thenuest : L.O.ㅅ.Es I'm so touched today, you've been working hard^^ Thank you so much for donating briquette charcoal by NU'EST name. We'll show up a cool vibe on stage for L.O.ㅅ.Es. It'll be good if there's more opportunity like this^^ Be careful of cold and go home early

@ChoiGoRen : 전우치쨩!! || JeonWooChi Jjang!!

[PICTURES] 130117 - CeCi Feb 2013 : Mr. Valentine Booklet

[FANCAFE] 130118 - Love Letter from Minhyun

기억에 남을 즐거운 하루였다.
 Translation : It was a memorable good and funny day.