[PICTURES] 120731 - NU'EST at K-DREAM Live (HD)

[TWITTER] 120731 - NU'EST NEWS's tweet

NU'EST The 1st Face to Face in Thailand 홍보영상

Show Date : Saturday August 11, 2012. Time : 5.30 P.M.
Venue : Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theater, Siam Paragon

[VIDEO] 120731 - Show Champion : Preview

Cr : Show Champion

[SELCA] 120731 - Ren's selca

Cr : Parkjh0888 via : NU'EST Poland

[PICTURE] 120731 - MTVKPOP20 with JR , Aron and Baekho


이번주 목요일 3MC JR&아론&백호입니다~!! 아침부터 신나는 기분을 주체할 수 없었던 그들~ 신나게 왔다가 울면서 간 멤버가 있다는데.....? SBSMTV 저녁 8시 방송으로 확인해주세요^^ 

[PICTURES] 120731 - NU'EST on MBC Weekly Idol with Hello Venus

[PICTURE] 120731 - Minhyun and Ren with Uee (After School) for W Magazine

Cr : Platoon_seoul

[PICTURES] 120726 - NU'EST at Mnet CountDown


[PICTURES] 120730 - NU'EST at Gimpo Airport (back from Japan)


[PICTURES] 120729 - NU'EST for CeCi Magazine (August Issue)

[PICTURES] 120710 NU'EST at Championship

Cr : Kappablog

[SCREENSHOTS] 120729 - NU'EST at K-DREAM LIVE (ending)


[FANCAM] 120730 - NU'EST at Gimpo Airport (back from Japan)

Cr : JRENeverland

[PICTURE] 120730 - Ren and Amber wore the same pants

Cr : IIama_fan

[ME2DAY] 120730 - Baekho's Update

드디어 한국가요~^^공항에서밥먹는데…자랑하고싶었어요고생하신우리 스텝분들너무 감사하고요 일본팬분들도 감나드려요 이제 곧 한국가니까 한국에서뵈용~^^ 그리고 계속 느끼는건데 오늘 옷좀 예쁘게입었어ㅋㅋ 지금 밥이나와서이만…..뿅♥

Trans by thenuest : Finally, We're going back to Korea~^^ We're having meal at airport…I wanted to show off; Thanks to all staffs who worked hard also thanks to Japanese fans. We're going to Korea soon so, see you at Korea~^^ I keep feeling this; I prettily wear the clothes todayㅋㅋ The meal is served now. That's it…..Bbyong♥


[PICTURES] 120728 - Baekho and Aron at Gimpo Airport

Cr : Macaron

[PICTURES] 120728 - Minhyun at Gimpo Airport

Cr : Huangminyeon

[PICTURES] 120728 - JR at Gimpo Airport

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[PICTURES] 120728 - Ren at Gimpo Airport

Cr : JRENeverland

[FANCAMS] 120728 - NU'EST at Gimpo Airport

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[PICTURES] 120729 - NU'EST's goods for K Dream Live

[ME2DAY] 120729 - Baekho's Update

쇼타임 뉴이스트타임!!!수고하셨습니다! 오츠카레사마데수~!!기다려라 태국!여러분들 태국에서 8월11일에 만나요!!! 한국러브들도 기다리세용^^또뿅♥

Trans by thenuest : Show Time NU'EST Time!!!Thanks for all hardwork! Thanks for all hardwork (T/N :He wrote in japanese)~!!Thailand,Please wait! Everyone, See you on August 11th at Thailand!!! Korean L.O.V.Es please wait for us too^^Bbyong again♥

[PICTURES] 120728 and 29 - NU'EST in Japan

Cr : :赤西和也7

[PICTURE] 120729 - NU'EST on Tokyo Dome's backstage

Via : Arab_NUEST

[ME2DAY] 120729 - Baekho's update

우와아 K-Dream 라이브 콘서트 엔딩올라가기직전이예요 너무너무 재밌어요~^^ 오늘 와주신 모든 팬분들 감사드립니다. 정말 보람되구 즐거운 시간이었어요! 얼른 한국에서도 무대에서 러브들이랑 같이 하고싶어요~^^헛 올라가야되용ㅠㅠ 그럼 이만 뿅♥

Trans  by thenuest : Wah before go up on stage K-Dream Live concert ending. It was really fun ^^ Thank you for all fans who came today. It was really fruitful and fun moment! I want to have a performance on Korea with L.O.V.Es quickly~^^ I need to go. Then that's it. Bbyong ♥

[VIDEO] 120726 - NU'EST at Studio C (full)

Cr: Fiingy

[VIDEO] 120727 - MTVKPOP20 Episod 37 with JR and Minhyun

Cr : silentHS5

[PICTURE] 120729 - Tokyo Dome

Via : Arab_NUEST

[PICTURE] 120725 - MTV KPOP20 with JR and Minhyun


[VIDEO] 120726 - London 2012 Olympic Idol Special

[PICTURES] 120728 - NU'EST's signatures on Harajuku wall

[FANACCOUNT] 120729 - NU'EST in Japan

NU'EST performed FACE, I'm sorry, Not over you, Action during K-Dream Live
 They had self intro + talk in Jap language but Aron forgot all his jap that he memorised and end up Aron speaks in english. 

cr : bling_bling_ via : NuestSG

NU’EST came out again in Encore part and sang Party rock anthem w/ all artist. Best show ever!

cr : gamo-yangie (on tumblr)


[PICTURE] 120722 - Aron at KBS Music Bank

cr : StarN

[PICTURE] 120722 - JR at KBS Music Bank

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[PICTURE] 120722 - Ren at KBS Music Bank

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[PICTURE] 120722 - Baekho at KBS Music Bank

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[ME2DAY] 120726 - Update

[PICTURES] 120724 - NU'EST - 'ACTION' at Show Champion

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[FANCAM] 120722 - JR at Jongro Fansign

cr : Youtube, ssokx3

[LIVE HD] 120720 - NU'EST - 'Action' at KBS Music Bank

cr : Youtube, TanVukKBSHD

[PREVIEW] 120720 - Minhyun at fansign in Synnara Gangnam

cr : HoOneyJS

[PREVIEW] 120720 - Baekho at fansign in Synnara Gangnam

cr : HoOneyJS

[PREVIEW] 120720 - JR at Fansign in Synnara Gangnam

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[PICTURES] 120722 - Aron at Jongro fansign

Cr : ArOuNd_Aron

[PICTURE] 120722 - Minhyun on the way to SBS Inkigayo

Cr : Crispy Fantasy

[PICTURES] 120722 - Minhyun at Jongro fansign

Cr : Muse

[PICTURES] 120722 - Ren at Jongro fansign

Cr : 951103.com

[PREVIEW] 120722 - NU'EST at Jongro fansign

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[TWITTER] 120721 - NU'EST NEWS's tweet

뉴이스트가 내일울산특집 음악중심에 참석합니다^^우리경상도러브분들얼마나오시나요?^^ 많은분들모이시면 이기자가내려가 음료라도대접하려구요^^폭발적인참여도보여주쎄요^^ 사진은 쎄씨에나온 뉴이스트입니다^^

Trans by thenuest : NU'EST will take  a part on tomorrow Music Core Special in Ulsan ^^ How much of our Kyungsang-do L.O.V.E.s who'll come ?^^ If there are a lot of people coming, Reporter-Lee will buy you a drinks^^ Please come^^

[FANCAM] 120721 - JR focus at Ilsan Fansign

Cr : ssokx3.com

[PICTURES] 120721 - JR at Ilsan Fansign

Cr : JRENeverland

[PICTURES] 120721 - Baekho at Ilsan fansign

Cr : 19950721.net

[PICTURES] 120721 - Minhyun at Ilsan fansign

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[PICTURES] 120721 - Ren at Ilsan fansign

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[VIDEO] 120722 - 'Action' at SBS Inkigayo

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[VIDEO] 120722 - Teaser for Show Champion

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