[ME2DAY] 121123 - Baekho's update

말레이시아아아아 ㅋㅋㅋ사진투척!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans by thenuest : Malaysiaaaa ㅋㅋㅋUploading a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

[TWITTER] 121123 - @ChoiGoRen (Ren)'s update

@ChoiGoRen : Hello Malaysia♥ 너무즐겁고재밋어요 벌써흥분되는데 좀잇다봐요♥ Hey everyone! we're in malaysia right now having a blast! see you guys later^^

Trans by nuestrans : @ChoiGoRen We enjoy being here and we're having so much fun. I'm getting excited already. See you in a bit♥

[PICTURES] 121123 - NU'EST during rehearsal

Cr : 8tvnitelive

[PICTURES] 121123 - NU'EST during the Press Conference

Cr : NinaFarhanah