[PREVIEW] 120707 NU'EST at Busan Movie Event

[FANACCOUNT] 120707 - Busan Movie Event

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- JR also said that a 1min long teaser will be released tmr and it will be one with a slightly sexier concept. 
- The song 'Happy Birthday' in their upcoming album is a Baekho solo! 
- Minhyun and Baekho had filming overnight and went directly to the movie event after that so they didn't get much sleep. 
- There will be an MV for the song 'Sandy' and a few lucky fans will be chosen to take part in the filming! 

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- Ren said he likes the kiss scene on the movie

[PREVIEW] 120707 Minhyun ; Ren at Busan Movie Event

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[PREVIEW] 120707 - Aron ; JR & Baekho at Busan Movie Event

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[PICTURE] 120707 - Similar coussins

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[ME2DAY] 120707 Update

cr : Baekho's ME2DAY

BaekHo : 쨔잔! 오늘 드디어 진짜오랫만에 우리 러브들이랑영화보러가요!부산러브들!준비하고있나여^^이제 다와가니까 쫌만 기다려요!밤샘촬영으로 잠한숨못자고 가고있지만 기분최고!태양을 피하고 싶어서 선글라스를 준비했는데 날씨가흐리넹ㅜㅜ 곧만나용 뿅★

trans by thenuest : Tadaa! Today, finally we're going to watch a movie with L.O.V.Es after a while!Busan L.O.V.Es!Are you ready^^Now, we're almost arrived, so please wait for a little bit! Although I can't sleep because of shooting all night long, I feel good!I prepared sunglasses for avoiding the sun, but the weather is cloudyㅜㅜ See you soon bbyong★