[TWITTER] 121111 - @NUESTNEW (NU'EST)'s update

@NUESTNEWS : 안녕하세요쩨알임돠!오늘은~11뿅뿅로데이~ 여러분들도 뿅뿅로먹고 키커져랏!!! 백호랑머했찌!흠.저런포즈는사랑하는사람과♥ 뿅뿅로같이. 길죽한사랑하세요!~ 뉴이스트는. 길죽하게. 러브들을. 사랑해요~♥

Trans by thenuest : Hello this is JR!Today is~11 Ppyong Ppyong Ro Day~ Everyone eat PpyongPpyongRo and grow taller!!! What did I do with Baekho!Heum.Use that pose with person you love♥ and with PpyongPpyongRo. have an everlasting love!~ NU'EST. will love. L.O.V.Es. forever~♥