[PICTURES] 120924 - Ren and Aron on SBSMTVKPOP20

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깜찍한브이의포즈의 승자는!ㅎㅎ 아슬아슬한표차이를보이며 리더의승리! 약속대로리더사진나갑니다 배고파요포즈.베스트컷! 뉴이스트에서 카리스마를 담당하는 리더JR입니다!

Trans by thenuest : Cute 'V' pose winner!ㅎㅎ Leader's victory in a close vote! As promised, here is Leader's photo. "I'm hungry" pose. Best cut! Leader JR who's in charge of charisma in NU'EST!

[PICTURES] 120923 - NU'EST at Hallyu Dream Concert


[PICTURES] 120923 - NU'EST on the Red Carpet

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