[PICTURES] 120821 - Ren, Minhyun and Uee for W Korea

[FANCAM] 120818 - JR & Ren at Incheon Fansign

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[TWITTER] 120821 - Ren's tweet

[NU'EST _렌] 비가 많이오는데 울러브들계신곳은 괜찮으신지! 전국적으로 저녁에 비많이온다니까 일찍일찍들어가세요^^ 다들보고싶어요~~ 요새셀카자주찍으려노력중인 뉴이스트 최렌ㅋ 아.부침개먹고싶다

trans by thenuest : It's raining, I'm wondering if places our LOVEs are in now is okay! It will be raining nationwide at night so please go home quickly^^ I miss you all~~ NU'EST Choi Ren who's working hard to often take a selca these daysㅋAh. I wanna eat vegetable pancake

[VIDEO] 120821 - Ren, Minhyun and UEE for W Korea

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[VIDEO] 120816 - M!Countdown teaser with NU'EST, AOA, Beast, B.A.P and ZE:A

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[VIDEO] 120821 - NU'EST at Simply Kpop performing Not Over You and Action

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