[PICTURES] 130302 - JR for "The Star"

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(백호) 봄이 오려다 멈춤! 주말춥대요 따뜻하게입으세요 -이건 다이어리 촬영날, 매니져형이 찍어준거.. 형.... 흔들렸다앗 !

Trans by thenuest : (Baekho) Spring is coming, hold on! They say (the weather) will be cold on the weekend. Please dress up warmly 
- This is the day when we were shooting for 'Diary', Manager hyung took this (photo).. hyung.... I was moved!

우리오늘사인회즐거웠어요! 역시우리의엔돌핀러브들~^^ 조심히가세요 추우니까옷따뜻하게입구요^^~ 그럼내일을위해^^

Trans by thenuest : We had a fun at today fansign event! Indeed, our endorphin, LOVEs ~^^ Be careful, and since it's cold; dress up warmly^^~ Then, for tomorrow^^

[PICTURES] 130302 - Minhyun at Coex Evan Record

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[PREVIEWS] 130302 - Ren, Minhyun & JR at Coex Evan Record


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[PREVIEWS] 130302 - Baekho and Aron at Coex Evan Record fansign event

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