[TWITTER] 130110 - Compilations of JR's tweets (@NUESTNEWS)

[JR] 커피마시고싶다...우리커피마실까? 올려나? 올래요? 오면 쏜다!!
Trans by thenuest : [JR] I want to drink coffee..Should we drink a coffee? Would you come? Will you come? If you come, I will treat you!!

[JR] 콜콜!! 지이이인짜 올꺼죠????? 핫초코도 콜!! 쌍화차도, 커피도 콜콜!! 장소는...으암~~~ 잠만요!!
Trans by thenuest :  Call call!! You will come for reeeeaaaalll right?????
Hot Choco too, Call!! I want to drink Ssanghwa tea too, and also coffee call call!!
About place...Uhm~~~ Please wait!!

[JR] 녹음하러 사무실 가는길이니까, 그럼 사무실 근처에서 한시간쯤 뒤에? 정확한 장소는 있다가 다시! 오늘은 쩨알이가 쏩니다 ㅎㅎ
Trans by thenuest : [JR] I'm going to office for recording, then near office in an hour? For exact place, I will tell you later! JR will treat you today ㅎㅎ

[JR] 사무실은 강남에 있어요. 우리회사위치 모를려나;;; 혼자는 그러니까 LA살았던형ㅎㅎ 데리고 갈께요. 온다 그러고 안오면 운다. 진짜.
Trans by thenuest : [JR] The office is in Kangnam. Don't you know about our company location;;; Because if I go alone will be kinda (uncomfortable), I will bringㅎㅎ hyung who lived in LA. If you said you will come but you actually won't, I'll cry. really.

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