[TRANS] 130430 - NU'EST on LibertyTimes

As an entertainer,NU'EST Minhyun does not get enough sleep.

Minhyun feels that one of his greatest regrets is that he does not have enough sleep,and often feels sleepy.
Meanwhile,Ren is afraid of growing distant from his friends,which is why when he doesn't have a schedule,he'll choose to go to school or use Twitter to make new friends~
JR regrets not being able to enjoy school life with his schoolmates for longer before he became an idol.
Baekho wishes he could have had the chance to experience a 'normal student life',but luckily,he has the love of the fans:))
Lastly,Aron feels that he has lost some freedom,and enjoys the chance being able to go overseas to see more of the world. Their newest song,Yeo Bo Se Yo is already selling in Taiwan.

Translation by NU'EST International