[VIDEO] 121026 - ShowKase with NU'EST (22m58)

Cr :  Fiingy1

[INFO] 121027 - @NUESTNEWS changed their icon

[VIDEO] Teaser NU'EST in Singapore


[PICTURE] 121026 - NU'EST enjoying their Chili Crabs for dinner

Cr : Kpopgaga

[PICTURES] 121021 - NU'EST at 3gether Party

[PICTURES] 121022 - NU'EST Seoul Fashion Week

[FACEBOOK] 121027 - NU'EST in Interview

뉴이스트는 지금 싱가포르에서 인터뷰 중입니다!^^

[ME2DAY] 121027 - Baekho's update

우하하하 지금 여기는 싱가폴^^ 여러분ㅠㅠ너무너무보고싶어요! 우리러브들 잘 지내고있으세요! 금방 찾아뵐께요 ,♥해외러브들도항상감사하구요^^보고싶다구!!!!

Trans by thenuest : Uhaha We're in Singapore now ^^ Everyone ㅠㅠ I miss you so so much! Our L.O.V.Es are doing well! I'll be back soon,♥ I always feel thankful to overseas L.O.V.Es as well ^^  I miss you!!!  

[TWITTER] 121027 - Ren's tweet

안녕하세요 싱가폴최렌기자입니다 지금 저는 우리쩨알과룸메구요 쩨알이약속한 침실몰카공개! 쩨알진짜자요ㅋㅋ인형 제껀데 쩨알이 토순이를납치해 마치자기여자친구처럼대하고잇네요나빠!싸우러가께요 토순이찾기!안뇽~

Trans by thenuest : Hello this is Singapore Reporter Choi Ren. I am a roommate with JR now. Revealing bedroom hidden camera that JR promised! JR is really sleeping ㅋㅋ The doll is mine but JR kidnap Tosunnie. He treat it just like it's is girlfirend. Bad! I'm going to fight. To search Tosunnie! Annyeong~