[DRAWINGS] 130215 - NU'EST's drawings of "Hello" MV

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[PICTURES] 130215 - NU'EST on Music Bank

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[PICTURES] 130214 - Cyworld Music Special

[TWITTER] 130215 - Compilations of @NUESTNEWS tweets

뉴콘 전 뜨거운 조명아래 피부 건조해지지 말라고 스타일리스트 누나들이 쥐어준 미스트를 쥔채 한컷!
Trans by thenuest : A photo that was taken under the high-heated lighting before NU'con Concert, to prevent skin becoming dry, they clench the mist that stylist noonas gave on their hand!

[ME2DAY] 130215 - Uee's update with NU'EST

'여보세요'! 우리 겸댕이 뉴이스트가 돌아왔어요! 특히 가사가 완전 좋다는거어! 실 전화기로 무슨 얘기 했는지는 비미일! ♥

Translation by thenuest : ‘Hello’! Our cutiepies NU’EST has comeback! Especially, the lyrics are very nice! My conversation on the phone is secreet!

[PREVIEWS] 130215 - NU'EST on their way to Music Bank

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