[TWITTER] 130109 - @Ryeong9's update

@ryeong9 창가 정리하다가 찍은 사진.. 디제이 하면서 만난 인연들~~ ^^ 슈키라 하면서 '참 많은 사람들을 만났구나' 하는 생각이~~ 2013년도 화이팅~!!! 캬캬 

Trans by fashienara : photo was taken before cleaning up the window.. so many artists have come and given their albums after visiting SUKIRA.~~ 2013 fighting~!!! kya kya

As you can see, there is 'FACE' (I surrounded it ^^)

[ME2DAY] 130109 - Baekho's update

우리 채팅합시다!!!!!!!얼른얼른응모고고고!!!!!! 우리컴백스포알려줄지도모르니까이날채팅에꼭당첨되야해요!!!!!!!!뿅★ me2.do/54APJpx

Trans by thenuest : Let's have a chat!!!!!!!Go go go register quickly!!!!!! We might give a comeback spoiler, so you have to get chosen in this event!!!!!!!!Bbyong★