[TWITTER] 130108 - @chHELLOVENUS's update with Aron

@chHELLOVENUS : [오늘뭐해] 오늘은 쒼나고 재미있는 화보촬영~^0^ 저녁식사 꼭꼭챙겨드시고 내일부턴 다시 추워진다니까 따뜻하게 입고다니세요~♥

Translation by thenuest : [What are you doing today] We have an exciting and fun pictorial photoshoot today~^0^ (You) must eat dinner,and because (the weather) will be chilly again starting tomorrow, dress warmly~

[VIDEO] 130108 - SMASH HITS featured 'ACTION' music video


[EVENT] 130108 - ME2DAY Chatting Event with NU'EST

Cr : thenuest

[CAPTURE] 13018 - Baekho's me2day link on the new layout