[INFO] 120719 - Hanteo Daily Chart

NU'EST 1st Mini Album "Action" Ranks No.2 on Hanteo Daily Chart! 

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[PICTURES] 120719 - NU'EST at M!CountDown

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[INTERVIEW] 120719 - Ren in a Japanese Magazine

Q: "What family member is your role model?" A: "Mom"
Q: "What member would you want to be for one day?" A: "Aron hyung, because he knows English" 
Q: "What do you like to do in Japan?" A: "Have a concert at Tokyo Dome"
Q: "What singer do you respect?" A: "Michael Jackson" 
Q: "A message to Japanese fans please." A: "あいしてる (I love you)"

The magazine will be released on July 21st.


[PICTURES] 120719 - Google + Update


 Juyeon (After School's member) on Google + : "Tada~~  Just took a photo with member of NU'EST Ren lol. We kind of look alike right ?"

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[VIDEO] 120719 - 'Action' at M!CountDown

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[TRANS] 120718 - Pledis comment the winning "Rookie of the year 2012"

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Translation : Rookie idol group NU'EST won the title of 2012 best rookie group.
NU’EST won first place on a Korean Entertainment site called SEOULBEATS. The poll lasted for two weeks and NU’EST won 43% of the votes, making them first place.
Pledis Entertainment stated, “We are honored to have NU’EST chosen as best idol rookie group for 2012. It has only been 4 months since their debut and for them to already have so many fans overseas is amazing. We will be starting their concert in Japan in July in order to meet our fans overseas.”

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