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[NU'EST 렌] 안녕하세요 뉴이스트렌입니다ㅎㅎ 지금부터 저희 뉴이스트러브스토리녹화중 퀴즈하나낼게요^^ 러브스토리1회,셀프 Q & A시간에 jr이 아론형에게 '내가 가장 좋아하는 사자성어는?' 이라는 문제를 냈었어요. 아론형은..뭐라고 대답했었을까요~? 정답 오답좋습니다!!! 뭐든보내주세요!!!

Trans by thenuest : [NU'EST Ren] Hello this is NU'EST Renㅎㅎ We'll give a quiz in midst of L.O.V.E Story recording from now on ^^ On L.O.V.E Story Ep.1, On Self Q & A corner JR gave a question to Aron Hyung 'A phrase that I like the most iy?' . What was..Aron hyung reply ~? It's okay if its correct or incorrect!!! Send all!!

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