[TWITTER] 130215 - Compilations of @NUESTNEWS tweets

뉴콘 전 뜨거운 조명아래 피부 건조해지지 말라고 스타일리스트 누나들이 쥐어준 미스트를 쥔채 한컷!
Trans by thenuest : A photo that was taken under the high-heated lighting before NU'con Concert, to prevent skin becoming dry, they clench the mist that stylist noonas gave on their hand!

우린 뮤뱅 사녹 준비 중! 여보세요오! 다들 뭐해요?
Trans by thenuest : We're in midst of preparing for recording! Hello! Everyone, what are you doing?

(민현)저희 뉴이스트는 밥은 잘챙겨먹습니다.@wheeyul: @NUESTNEWS ㅠㅠ밥먹고이써요!!점심은드셧죠?
Trans by thenuest : RT @NUESTNEWS: (Minhyun) We eat meals regularly.wheeyul: @NUESTNEWS ㅠㅠAre you eating meal well!! Have you eaten lunch?

(JR)저도 알아요 우리 노래 좋은거 ㅋㅋ@SooMin98_nuest: 티비보면서 여보세요 듣고있어여~ㅎㅎ 노래 다 너무 조아여^^♥
Trans by thenuest : (JR) We know that our sing is good ㅋㅋSooMin98_nuest: I'm listening to 'Hello' while watching TV~ㅎㅎ All of the songs are good^^♥

(백호) 일분만! @Muse_MH0809: ㅋㅋ사녹 보려고 기다리고 있는데ㅎㅎ 우리지금만나ㅎ3ㅎ"

(Aron) I'm ok !!

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